BANGE inaugurates its first Office of Representation in Spain

The opening ceremony took place on January 19th 2017, in the new Representation Office located in the 106, Serrano street, in Salamanca

The Bank’s representation was in charge of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Martín Crisanto Ebe Mba, and its management team, the General Director, Mr. Manuel Osa Nsue Nsua, the Deputy Director-General, Mr. Pedro Abeso Obiang Eyang, the Director of Areas and Reources, Mr. Emilio Moyo Avoro, the Commercial Director, Mr. Jacinto Nsue Osa, and the Director of Private Banking, Mr. Valentín Abeso Eyama.

Among the guests, there were representatives of the Spanish banking, the Bank of the Central African States’s representatives, or BEAC, members accredited in Spain of the diplomatic corps, sush as Ms. Purificación Angue Ondo,  Ambassador of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in Spain, as well as  other African States members that attended the meeting.

The event was led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr.  Martín Crisanto Ebe Mba. In his speech made a brief mention on the history of BANGE From its foundation to the present, and the fact that the opening of this venue would facilitate collaboration and the development of business opportunities currently offered by Equatorial Guinea to Spanish entrepreneurs and investors.

The Secretary of State for the Development of the National Economic Plan – “Equatorial Guinea 2020 Horizon”, Mr. Cesar Augusto MBA, also intervened on behalf of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

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