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Last January 5th 2017, was the presentation of the Digital Files Project Launched by the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea. The project will consist first, of a Phase (I) – digitization of all the credit files that the entity has.

During the presentation, the Director of Risk Management, Mr. Jose María Nchaso Ikaka, along with the head of the section for Management of Credits, Mr. Diosdado Ebang Ebang, highlited some ot the advantages of the project for the Bank:

  • Speed and efficiency in locating documents
  • Quality of Service.
  • Protection and security of files.
  • Access from different terminals.
  • Organization effectivness and productivity.

With this solution they added that the Bank will mitigate the risk of having a single physical file.

Finally they stated that the digitization process will follow a methodology that eliminates manual intervention in most of the process. Access to digitized information will be made in conditions of maximum security, with an access profile according to the needs of end users.

With this project the Bank has taken an important step in the adoption of new technologies to its Management model, with a clear objective of making processes more efficient and provide the best customer experience.