BANGE continues funding the primary Sector

Last Wednesday, February 15th ,  BANGE celebrated in the Village of  Basacato de la Sagrada Familia, Malabo, a ceremony of handing out rural credid checks to small associations.

The event was led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Martín Crisanto Ebe Mba, followed by his Management tam, the General Director, Mr. Manuel Osa Nsue Nsua, the Deputy Director-General, Mr. Pedro Abeso Obiang Eyang, The Director of Areas and Media, Mr. Emilio Moyo Avoro, the Insular Territorial Director, Mr. Valentín Abeso Eyama.

Other than BANGE’s Directive, other administrators of BANGE were also onsite, like, Ms. Francisca Tachoup Belope, and Mr. García Berniko

This time thirty three (33) groups were awarded with 71 rural credits checks, for an amount of 314.782.000 FCFA, spreaded over the following districts: Basupu Fishtown, east Basupu, Moka, B/ Las Palmas, West Basupu, Bareso, Mosola/Batobe Sacriba Fang, Baney/Rebola, Batobe, Bikatana, Riaba, Semu-Malabo, Basile Bubi, Basakato de la Sagrada Familia, Bakake Primero, San Luis de Cupapa, Bososo, Ela Nguema.

The ceremony ended with a family photo, food and beverages were offered by BANGE to all attendees of Basacato de la Sagrada Familia.

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