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From  the 7th to  9th  March of 2017,  Courses comprising subjects sush as; Credit Risk and Operational Risk, were carried out by the Management Solutions Consultancy to employees, under the sponsorship of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea – BANGE.

BANGE understands that training is an essential piece to take a step further into the development of a correct risk culture, internally.  For this, the entity is constantly highlighting the importance of a solid model where the principles of prudence, anticipation and diversification are essential. Among the initiatives that have been launched in this matter is the diffusion of risks culture among its employees, through a streamlined communication and training to its employees, not only those that are part of the Risks Department.

According to the Director of Risk Management Mr. Jose María Nchaso Ikaka, these courses add value to personnel from a management skill standpoint, serving as support in the performance of the functions as well as facilitating professional development, given the fact that awarded diplomas will become part of each employee’s background profile.