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A delegation from the Lusophone Agricultural Chamber Has met last December  2016,  with BANGE directive, In the framework of the trade mission carried out by this institution in Equatorial Guinea from 11th  to 17th  December 2016.

The Lusophone Agricultural Chamber is an institutional partner of the Ministry of Agriculture, Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal and the CPLP – Community of Portuguese Language Speaking Countries. The delegation was composed of entrepreneurs from the agroindustrial sector, and the visit to Equatorial Guinea was an opportunity to promote the creation of commercial and governmental associations in a country focused on the diversification of its economy.

The meeting with the BANGE directive was focused on possible lines of collaboration in the product development of rural credit, driven by BANGE. The entity presided by  Mr. Manuel Osa Nsue Nsua has expressed its interest of cooperation in aspects such as training and customer services and advice to clients, the supply of specialized machinery for the production processes, etc.