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A delegation from the Chinese Development Bank has met with the Directive of BANGE, (Banco Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial). This meeting is framed from the round of contacts that this bank has carried out with financial entities operating in our country, promoted by the Ministry of Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises.

The development bank of china (CDB) is a public sector financial institution and is one of China’s largest banks in terms of assets. It is also the main provider of financing services among Chinese banks, and plays a very important role in Chinese economic and social development. In recent years, it has expanded its international business, which includes the financing of several projects in Africa.

The meeting was held in presence of the Secretary of State of Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises, Ilustrius. Ms. Dña Felisa Rodriguez Sicale, the main topic  was not other than the financing mechanism for Small and Medium Enterprises.

The General Manager of BANGE  Mr. Manuel Osa Nsue Nsua, stated in his own words the availability of the bank to work on mechanisms that will improve access to credit for Local Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), As well as establishing cooperation ties with the Chinese Development Bank In other areas of interest.