National and international transfers

BANGE offers counsel from professional experts in foreign operations, financing, transfers, and a wide range of innovative products and services.

Issue transfers
Transfers to other Banks within  EG 0,2% – Minimum 10.000 XAF
Multiple transfers to other Banks within  EG 1.500 XAF per transfer
Multiple transfers to other Banks within  EG (salary) 2.750 XAF per one
Transfers up to 100M CEMAC zone 0.25% nominal – Minimum 5.000 XAF
Transfers greater tan 100M inside EG 10.000 XAF
Transfers greater than 100M CEMAC zone 0,20% nominal
Reception of transfer
Transfers reception within EG No fee
Transfers reception CEMAC zone No fee
Particular conditions
Commissions per transfer 0,25%
Administration fee 0,25%
Central Bank fee (BEAC) 0,25%
Exchange commission (Except from EURO currency) 0,5% – Minimum 5.000 XAF
Case file commission 10.000 XAF
SWIFT expenses 15.000 XAF
Charges for transfer modification 20.000 XAF
Commission for complaints 20.000 XAF
Corresponding expenses 6 € (minimum)
Transfers reception
Commission per transfer 0,125%
SWIFT expenses: 10.000 XAF