Our Representation Office in Spain is located in Madrid, at Serrano street, number 106, Salamanca, easily accessible by car, with public parking (Serrano Park I) right at the door nearby a Metro stop in Serrano, also accessible by bus (EMT) through lines 6, 9, 19 and 51.

At our representative office in Spain our agents will inform you on the possibilities of establishing economic relations, either commercial or financial in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, offering comprehensive advice and support on all different business options, and needs.

This Representation Office aims to attract clients, international investors interested in developing any type of business in Equatorial Guinea.

services provided by the Representation Office will cover the entire process linked to the product catalog of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea

  • – Financial Consulting
    ● – Assessment on our entire range of products
    ● – Projects’ feasibility studies
    ● – Credit records Management
    ● – Savings products
    ● – Auxiliary service offers
    ● Processing our European Union client’s Funds for Agriculture, Fisheries and Industry in Central Africa
    ● – Conducting all types of market research/analysis for Equatorial Guinean investors in Spain and Europe
    ● To promote the development of citizen’s  professional activities and Equatorial Guinean companies in Europe, facilitating access to the necessary liquidity.
  • – Search for all types of investment opportunities that favor contribution to the net result of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea

Other specific consulting services will be offered to general type clients, large companies and administration

These services are oriented to investment projects, financing, savings and efficient information referring to the economic and financial situation of the whole sectorial activity of Equatorial Guinea