We are the bank of all

The National Bank of Equatorial Guinea currently operates throughout the national territory through its twenty five (25) open agencies; Giving coverage to the entire population of the country.

The National Bank of Equatorial Guinea is a large multicultural family of more than 300 employees.

At your service to offer services in any level  as well as prepared to come up with solutions to any problem that you might encounter.

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is predominant in the shareholding of the bank which with a capital of 12,000,000,000 FCFA remains the only Bank operating in the country whose parent company is located in Equatorial Guinea

BANGE is a leading bank offering financial services in 25 agencies in the 7 main cities of Equatorial Guinea and over 80,000 clients nationwide. The business model of BANGE is based on 4 pillars:

Business orientation
BANGE has a customer-centric business model. With distribution models that are leaders in efficiency and very leveraged in innovation and technology.

Prudence in Risks
The entire organization is involved in risk management, internal control and audit function is independent of the business.

Human development
A governance model inspired by integrity and transparency, which seeks to generate the maximum value for the shareholder, but turning people into the center of our development.

We work to build lasting relationships with our clients and provide the maximum possible value, both to our stakeholders and to society in general, with projects such as education, social entrepreneurship, research and culture. All of this, with the utmost integrity and transparency.

At BANGE we work to build lasting relationships with our clients and provide the maximum possible value both to our stakeholders and to society in general.

The achievement of this goal implies a new style of behavior for all the people that make up the Group. This is where the strength of Equatorial Guinea’s National Bank and its greatest competitive advantage lie in building the future.

The objective we have set out is that in each of the multiple contacts that we maintain with our interest groups, a differential experience is transmitted that brings sustainable value. For this we have established our vision as a company as well as some principles of action that define our commitment to stakeholders.

In BANGE we talk about the future because what the society expects from a bank is to help them build a better future: a quiet retirement, good education for their children, the possibility of starting a business. That is our commitment to our clients.

BANGE has a solid corporate culture that defines the life of the entity, influencing its way of acting and enabling it to successfully face the challenges of the future.

Employees of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea, in their daily relations with customers, are the voice of the brand and creators of the ‘BANGE’s Experience’.
Beyond commercial relations, our activity in the financial sector, in the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea, we are certain that we work for the better future of our people.

To enhance this vision, we established seven corporate principles, which are embodied in commitments to clients, employees, shareholders and society in general, and are based on operational criteria.

The four (4) Corporate principles are:

The client as the center of our business.

Risk management, responsibility and autonomy within the strict compliance of the rules.

Optimization of human capital, ethical behavior, personal integrity  and profesional as a way of understanding and developing our activity. Respect and diversity promotion, promote people’s talent as well as their skills.

Exemplariness, giving examples through our behaviors and ethics.

Our vision will always be relevant and permanent guide in everything we do, but the meaning that people give to “a better future”, evolves over time.

The positioning of the brand has to gather, at each moment, the meaning of the most relevant vision for society and customers in order to build a brand at the service of the business.

Society increasingly demands that banks recognize the power of the client. That customers are looking for horizontal relationships and close treatment by financial advisors. They seek certainty, integrity, transparency and the fact that they speak to them in an easy language that will help them make informed decisions. In addition, time is becoming a very scarce resource and people want access to financial services anywhere, and anytime.

Therefore, the positioning of the brand BANGE. What we want others to think of us is based on two fundamental values: be a reliable and simple entity. And from these two elements simplicity is the one that has the most potential to differentiate us.

We would like the client to think about the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea as the Bank that benefits him/her the most because it makes life easier for him.

Simplicity or having life easier, means four things:

Agilization and few formalities

Convenience and multi-channel

Simple and handy in treatment (versus arrogance)

Clear and concise language, transparent and easy to understand

Our positioning acts as a filter in everything we do and requires a specific culture and behavior by employees.

In BANGE, we understand “branding experience”, not only as the promise we make, but the experiences our employees give to all those related to the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea.

Reason why, Brand and Culture cannot be understood separately in the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea.

A strong brand, with a good reputation, requires an alignment with respect to what is said and what is being done, which in addition has to be consistent over time. In the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea, reputation is a key element and a lever for sustainable differentiation.

The Corporative identity of BANGE is commited to:

A simple communication style and differential, aligned with the brand’s positioning

Use of clear and transparent language

A unique visual identity that makes it possible to recognize the brand quickly in all its applications and channels

At the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea we want to be your bank.

The National Bank of Equatorial Guinea begins its journey on June 10th, 2005, when the deed of the incorporation of this entity with a capital stock of 2,000,000,000 FCFA is signed. Its first shareholders were mainly the State of Equatorial Guinea along with the Bank of Commerce of the Philippines, which also provided technical and human support, which were joined by a small group of Equatorial Guinean and national companies.

In 2009 a German investment fund African Development Corporation (ADC)  is incorporated by means of capital increase to the shareholders of the entity and happen to become the second main partner of the bank, relieving the Bank of Commerce, which nevertheless does not abandon its association with the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea.

The 2012 year period was closed with a record profit for the bank and the purchase of African Development Corporation (ADC) shares by the Equatorial Guinea State, which now holds more than 60% of the capital of BANGE.

2013 was the year of the definitive takeoff of BANGE with the opening of five (5) new branches and the beginning of a deep bank restructuration.

To date the bank has a registered capital of 12,000,000,000 FCFA; Still remains the only Bank operating in the country whose parent company is located in Equatorial Guinea.

The future of the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea is encouraging, with a hand full of result as well as clients, our projections put us as the country’s first bank in 2016 and soon we will culminate the national expansion with openings in different countries of our sub-region.

The Code of Conduct of BANGE is a safe behavior guide toward maintaining the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

Principles and standar

BANGE promotes strict principles and standards of ethical conduct with a Code of Conduct for all employees and managers of the bank. A safe behavior guide to maintain the best standards of integrity and honesty, which is framed within the objective of reinforcing the principles of business ethics in accordance with international best practices.

The BANGE Code of Conduct is in line with the principles of its Corporate Governance System, and  its corporate culture. The Code is the concrete expression of one of its corporate principles: “ethical behavior, personal and professional integrity as a way of understanding and developing our activities”.


Ethical Values

The Code of Conduct, applicable to all BANGE, is based on four key ethical values:

Respect for dignity and the rights people

Respect to equality between people and their diversity

Strict Compliance with law

Profesional objectivity.


Three basic areas

The BANGE Code of Conduct is based on corporate integrity, which is manifested in three basic areas:

Relational Integrity: it specifies commitments and characterizes the guidelines for action that govern BANGE’s relationships with its clients, employees, suppliers and the society in general.

Integrity in Markets: establishes criteria of action whose objective is to preserve the integrity and transparency of markets and free competition.

Personal Integrity: establishes performance guidelines aimed at guaranteeing the professional objectivity of employees and managers, and fostering a respectful, transparent and committed work environment with BANGE’s business objectives and with customer service and society.

Compliance with the Code

The Code of Conduct characterizes the Compliance function, configured by a Corporate Compliance Department and a set of departments integrated in different business units of the bank. In addition, it establishes a structure of Committees for Management of Corporate Integrity.

These two elements become a key factors to BANGE’s Organizational Integrity and orient their activities to specific objectives of ensuring effective compliance with the Code.